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The Chaotic-Dark Ambient Project

12/31/20 05:59 pm - [sticky post] - Decembered: discography, info

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"...And That Was Just A Thaw...", (c) 2005

"A Treatise on Eschatology", (c) 2006

V/A "Colours of Black: Russian Dark Scene Compilation, vol.2" SPR025, (c) Shadowplay Release, 2006
info, tracklist, order»
"Methuselah Sands: The Martian Chronicle", (c) 2007
The Moonwind, (c) 2008
"Ноктюрн", (c) 2010
"Trees In Darkness, (c) 2010
"Confined Spaces", (c) 2012
"[SPB]", EP, (c) 2012
".msk", (c) 2013.
"Music To Play Outdoors", (c) 2014.
"X", (c) 2015.

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2/4/16 12:32 pm - Post mortem

Decembered's discography in its entirety had been just made available on Bandcamp.

Thanks everyone who used to listen to these works.

8/11/15 12:54 pm - The final album

The album "X" has been just completed.

For a number of reasons it won't be available online as the previous releases were, and it won't be released "formally" anywhere. I will give it for free on personal requests, if there are any.

The album is now available on Bandcamp, free of charge.

Although in fact, its content is only understandable to Russian listeners; its first track is based on the statements from Russian politicians, reporters, TV personas and activists... And Lord forgive them, even if they do know what they are doing.

Still, if it goes the way it does now, soon there may be no place for music in our lives, even if we are still alive.

So "X" is indeed the final album for at least some time now.

This is Decembered. Signing off.
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1/1/15 04:00 pm - Ten Years

10 years ago, what become the "Decembered" project had been conceived, as a personal project in the then-unchartered area of dark ambient. Quite a few other direction had been probed over the decade, including neo-classic, experimental, etc.

There is a new album in the works - the tenth full-time one. But there's something special this time too: for the first time Decembered's music is featured in a film - a documentary about Republic of Dagestan's nature and conservation areas, shot by Mikhail Rodionov (the background text by Victoria Riedel is in Russian).

Music used:

De Profundis (from Confined Spaces, 2012), Guided by the Unsteady Light (from Confined Spaces, 2012) and The Moonwind (from the 2008 album of the same name).

Have a nice watching, and don't forget to visit the project's Bandcamp and Soundcloud either.

7/10/14 03:53 pm - The first track from the W.I.P. album

5/5/14 08:16 pm - Music To Play Outdoors by Decembered (on Bandcamp now)

The album is now posted on Bandcamp in full. Please click on the picture to open Bandcamp page.

4/2/14 05:32 pm - "Music to Play Outdoors", 2014

DECEMBERED : Music To Play Outdoors
Звуки.ру представляют альбом "Music To Play Outdoors"группы Decembered. »

Zvuki.ru has just released Decembered's ninth full LP: Music to Play Outdoors. All tracks are available for listening and download at the link above.

Have a nice listen!

12/16/13 01:15 am - CV and 'Music to play outdoors'

After the half of a year in the works, a new LP titled 'Music to Play Outdoors' had been completed, but it won't be available for some time yet. I can only say that it's just the same ambient/experimental sounds, this time, however, based on field recordings at a greater scale than before. It is also supposed to be listened at half-volume with open ear-phones in order to make street noise a part of it.

There is also a new entry in Decembered's Bandcamp page called 'CV 2005-2013', a collection of tracks taken from all of the albums recorded so far, except EP '[SPB]'. Two last tracks are from 'Music to Play Outdoors'.

4/17/13 11:51 pm - Gathering the stones

After a short period of unavailability all tracks are back online.

1/3/13 06:45 pm - .msk - a new album by Decembered had been just released via Bandcamp

Happy New Year! The new album by Decembered - '.msk' - had been just released via Bandcamp!


1. Once Upon A Rainy Night - 08:36
2. Mental-ity - 03:08
3. In The Streets - 07:33
4. Twilight In Limbo - 13:43
5. Echoes of The Slumbering City - 07:44
6. Coming Home (feat. Danila Zhilyaev) - 06:44
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