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"...And That Was Just A Thaw...", (c) 2005
credits, downloads, lyrics»

"A Treatise on Eschatology", (c) 2006
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V/A "Colours of Black: Russian Dark Scene Compilation, vol.2" SPR025, (c) Shadowplay Release, 2006
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"Methuselah Sands: The Martian Chronicle", (c) 2007
info, downloads, tracklist

The Moonwind, (c) 2008
info, downloads, tracklist

"Ноктюрн", (c) 2010
info, downloads, tracklist

"Trees In Darkness, (c) 2010
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"Confined Spaces", (c) 2012
info, Soundcloud, Bandcamp

"[SPB]", EP, (c) 2012
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".msk", (c) 2013.
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"Music To Play Outdoors", (c) 2014.
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"X", (c) 2015.
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1. Our page at
2. Decembered @ Soundcloud
3. Colours of Black Artists Section
4. Decembered @ Bandcamp
5. Review in "Rezul'taty" e-Zine (Russian only)

6. Decembered's profile at (Russian only)


Decembered emerged on the verge of 2004 and 2005, during that tremendous thaw-time, which brought sudden spring to the winter Moscow: puddles of melt snow, reflections of clouds tattered by the warm wind, anxious hum of the city, rare tinglings of night streets stunned by the stream of warmth, cries of the demented birds singing in praise of sudden spring. It was the spirit of that time that inspired the new project - or, better, a chaotic set of sounds, embryos of melody conceived under cold fingers.

Initially a solo-project, it's been a trio for a short while, to become a one-man-band again then which is it now, although the project is open to any collaborations.

Albeit it is difficult (and unnecessary for the project itself) to identify the single genre of the works, perhaps 'Chaotic Ambient' would be the most adequate.

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