decembered (decembered) wrote,

Ten Years

10 years ago, what become the "Decembered" project had been conceived, as a personal project in the then-unchartered area of dark ambient. Quite a few other direction had been probed over the decade, including neo-classic, experimental, etc.

There is a new album in the works - the tenth full-time one. But there's something special this time too: for the first time Decembered's music is featured in a film - a documentary about Republic of Dagestan's nature and conservation areas, shot by Mikhail Rodionov (the background text by Victoria Riedel is in Russian).

Music used:

De Profundis (from Confined Spaces, 2012), Guided by the Unsteady Light (from Confined Spaces, 2012) and The Moonwind (from the 2008 album of the same name).

Have a nice watching, and don't forget to visit the project's Bandcamp and Soundcloud either.
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