decembered (decembered) wrote,

The final album

The album "X" has been just completed.

For a number of reasons it won't be available online as the previous releases were, and it won't be released "formally" anywhere. I will give it for free on personal requests, if there are any.

The album is now available on Bandcamp, free of charge.

Although in fact, its content is only understandable to Russian listeners; its first track is based on the statements from Russian politicians, reporters, TV personas and activists... And Lord forgive them, even if they do know what they are doing.

Still, if it goes the way it does now, soon there may be no place for music in our lives, even if we are still alive.

So "X" is indeed the final album for at least some time now.

This is Decembered. Signing off.
Tags: 2015, farewell, x
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