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The Chaotic-Dark Ambient Project

11/12/12 05:00 pm - Changes

Just wanted to tell that ".MSK" is - most likely - the last ambient album by D.
I need to take a different direction.

10/31/12 05:51 pm - A quick update

msk_coverWay ahead of planned time, the new full-blown album by Decembered had been completed. Instead of supposed EP, it's 47+ minutes long, so it will be second LP done this year. 'Will be', since some additional - non-musical - activities are planned yet, so the album will be 'released' later this year or in early 2013.

It is also will be last somewhat-dark-ambient album by Decembered, since the project is in dire need to change direction. Will it work or not, it is quite unpredictable; things change then change again, but anyway there are no plans to do anymore DA albums for quite some time.

Tracklist follows:

1. Once Upon A Rainy Night

2. Mental-ity

3. In The Streets

4. Twilight In Limbo

5. Echoes of The Slumbering City

6. Coming Home (feat. Danila Zhilyaev)

10/8/12 05:16 pm - Next EP

Working on a new EP, this time it'll be called 'MSK', and, appropriately, would sound the way Moscow sounds to me. Nothing cheerful is to be expected. Perhaps it'll be even darker and noisier than Trees In Darkness.

9/22/12 12:21 pm - Portfolio

Well, these are best tracks so far (on my mind).

1. Das Vaterland
2. The Thaw
3. Vocatus (feat. Serenite)
4. Martian Sunset
5. Reprise: The Endless Infinity I Am Unknown To
6. Der Schattenangriff
7. Innerchill
8. The Moonwind
9. О чём поёт ветер (стихи А. Блока)/What wind sings about (by A. Block)
10. "Только пепел знает..." (стихи И. Бродского)/Ashes only know... (by I. Brodski)
11. De Profundis

Currently working on an 'evil' album, working title 'MSK', ETA don't know when, probably late this autumn or before the Xmas.

8/27/12 11:16 am - A future album snippet

Оригинал взят у watchful_shadow в post

We sat down with eviljournalist to make some noise, and here are the resulting sounds.

7/26/12 03:44 pm - Decembered - [S.P.B.] (EP, 2012)

Artist: Decembered
Name: [SPB]
Release Date: June 14, 2012
Style: Drone, Dark Ambient
Label: Self-Release (Soundcloud)
Format: Free Net-release (MP3, stream)

6/14/12 05:07 pm - New EP

Decembered - [SPB] (2012).
EP, 27:01, mp3, 320 kbs.

This is an impression of recent trip to St. Petersburg. The resulting single-track 27 minutes long EP will not be 'released' here, rather I will provide links on personal requests. Feel free to comment or mail me at y.ilyin@gmail.com.

5/13/12 09:54 am - Confined Spaces, 2012

Due to a multitude of technical errors tracks had to be reuploaded. It's okay now. Enjoy!

Confined Spaces 2012 by decembered

Also: on Bandcamp now

3/1/12 04:47 pm

That's how it's going to look.

The album is now completed.

2/28/12 03:33 pm - .................Done

Okay, basically the new album is finished, as I have completed the last track earlier today. This all will take some extra tweaking soundwise, but essentially I am done here.

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